Over the recent decades, weight gain has been on the rise in the United States. In fact, obesity is now classified as a chronic condition, affecting an estimated one in three U.S. adults, and that’s not even including the high number of overweight people throughout the country. Fortunately, the team of experienced healthcare professionals at Best Healthcare of Arizona is dedicated to helping our patients conquer their weight issues by developing realistic and achievable weight loss management plans. We understand that many people struggle to lose weight, and we also realize that many serious health conditions can arise if weight gain gets too out of control. With our comprehensive weight loss management plans, our patients can take back control of their weight and go on to live happier and healthier lives.


Our Weight Loss Management Program


The skilled physicians at Best Healthcare of Arizona are passionate about helping individuals get their weight under control, and to accomplish that, we offer a number of effective options, including consultations, access to dietary plans, weight loss medications, and even surgical treatment options. Thanks to our patient-centered approach, each of our valued patients who visit our Phoenix, AZ, office will receive a customized plan designed around their unique situation. All our weight loss management plans are designed to help our patients reach and maintain weight goals while promoting healthy lifestyle changes. We’ve found that this type of approach results in longer-lasting results.


What Does Our Program Look Like?


When you sign up for our weight loss management program, you can rest assured in knowing that our healthcare professionals will tailor-make a program that works for you. Whether you choose weekly consultations to stay on track or opt for safe and effective workout plans, medication, or surgery, our team will be with you every step of the way. Additionally, we always strive to set realistic goals for our patients, and we’re always available to provide advice and tips along to way to help our patients reach their goals.


In addition to consultations and healthy living tips, we also encourage our patients to stick to a practical and structured daily diet plan. While daily exercise can certainly go a long way in helping patients achieve their weight-loss goals, healthy eating habits are essential for long-term progress. Fortunately, our Phoenix physicians are equipped with all the tools to help you create a customized diet plan that works for you.


If you think surgery might be the best course of action, then Best Healthcare of Arizona has you covered. Not only do our trained professionals have experience performing various weight loss procedures, but we’re equipped to offer the necessary guidance to help you determine what weight loss option is best for you.


Medication to Achieve Weight Loss


Weight loss medications are growing in popularity because of their effectiveness, but how do they work? For starters, prescription weight loss medications are designed to treat obese and overweight patients in a number of ways. For example, medication often helps curb hunger, and some even make it more difficult for the body to absorb fat from meals. Weight loss medications are even more effective when paired with healthier diets and exercise. Because of this, Best Healthcare of Arizona often recommends weight loss medications to overweight and obese patients who not only struggle to lose weight but also are at an increased risk of developing serious conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease. Patients suffering from sleep apnea or joint pain may also benefit from weight loss medications.


Are You Ready for a Happier, Healthier You?


Do you struggle with your weight physically or emotionally? If the answer is yes, then take the first step toward becoming a happier, healthier you by scheduling a consultation with one of our physicians in Phoenix, AZ. We get that weight can be a sensitive topic, which is why we take a compassionate approach to ensure you get the care and guidance you need to accomplish your goals. What are you waiting for? Visit our Phoenix office today.