Hormone Balance and YOU

Hormone Balance and YOU

The balance of hormones in the body is extremely important for your overall health. While hormones run your body to a large extent, they change with milestones, such as puberty and menopause. However, there are times when your hormones become unbalanced due to the types of food you eat or an unhealthy lifestyle.

While aging is natural, but unhealthy diet and lifestyle can an early onset of menopause. Another common reason for hormone imbalance is stress. When we are stressed, the stress hormone cortisol is over-produced and production of other hormones slows down to compensate. In many cases, rest and relaxation can restore this balance but others may need Hormone Replacement Therapy to help the body regain the hormonal balance.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your hormones –

  • Am I the age for perimenopause or menopause? What are the symptoms that are making me think so?
  • How can I relieve my menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and decreased sexual desire?
  • Am I a candidate for hormone replacement therapy?
  • Which hormones can be restored with hormone replacement therapy and how will it help me?
  • How is hormone therapy done? What are the pros and cons of these different options?
  • What types of lifestyle changes can keep me healthy?


Menopause is a natural aging process, but you can prevent early onset with healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle. Chronic stress, crash diets, synthetic hormones (as in birth control pills) and growth hormones used in the feed of the food we eat can all lead to hormonal imbalance. Talk to a hormone therapy doctor for your specific needs and find out how hormone therapy can help you lead a healthier life.

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