What Are Interventional Medicines and What Are They Used For?

What Are Interventional Medicines and What Are They Used For?

Regardless of what type it is, pain can be debilitating. While acute pain lasts only a few hours or days, chronic pain may last much longer. Fortunately, interventional medicine can help chronic pain patients with minimally invasive procedures and long-term pain relief.


Interventional medicine includes minimally invasive procedures, innovative surgical systems, advanced imaging technologies and small surgical instruments to treat serious medical conditions underlying pain. Interventional pain treatments are a boon to chronic pain patients who had no other options so far, other than opioid medication or invasive surgeries.

How does interventional medicine work?

Interventional Medicine has quickly become a favored treatment option both among doctors and patients. This is because interventional medicine, also known as interventional radiology, uses advanced imaging technologies to help doctors access major organ systems without a major surgery.


Interventional medicine procedures use small incisions and advanced imaging, such as fluoroscopy and MRI to insert minimally invasive tools, such as stents and micro-catheters to treat many medical conditions. Often, only a small incision is needed to apply any given technique.

What conditions can be treated with interventional medicine?

Interventional medicine can treat a wide range of painful conditions, including –


  • Pain management – Chronic pain resulting from a wide variety of underlying conditions, such as neuropathies and discogenic pain
  • Uterine Fibroids – Interventional medicine makes it possible to treat uterine fibroids in a less invasive manner.
  • Varicose Veins: Varicose veins is a disorder that causes blood to flow backwards. An interventional medicine procedure, endovenous ablation, can treat this particular condition.
  • Infertility – Tubal blockages can be treated with various interventional medicine techniques.
  • Varicoceles – Varicoceles occur in men when veins in the scrotum become twisted or enlarged. This can be treated with less invasive interventional techniques.


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